My wife and I have always been independently powerful producers but we also have played the individual games for a long time. Over the past few years we have both committed to leveling up our lives individually to be better parents and people. Being successful at the game of life always starts with the individual but the next level of the game is playing it with the people you love. In the last few months we have started the process of co-creating unified on our life missions. The 🔥 and power that we are creating as a family is unrecognizable to me and feels amazing! I am grateful for myself and the commitment that I continue to keep daily, and to my wife for being a powerful woman committed to living her legend daily too. Don’t lose sight of the power that surrounds you especially in your family and leverage that to reach new levels of the game. #bemore #growthmindset #family #powerfulwomen #powercouple #success #entrepreneur #goals #marriage #parenting #awakenathena #forgelegend

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