“Are You Proud Of Daddy?” This was the
moment that would change my life forever.

September 9th 2015. It was a night like any other. 3 am, the time I would get up to feed my 3-month old daughter. It was my favorite time of the day. As usual, while I fed her I would start long conversations about life and purpose, though one-sided. But, this time, it was different. Something felt different. I looked at my daughter and asked, “Are You Proud of Daddy?” Of course, this 3-month old couldn’t respond. But, the silence that came after was enough, and I knew in my heart what the answer was.

No. And that was the truth.

Yes, I had the big house, the nice car, and the big executive job. But, as they say, materialism and money isn’t happiness, and I wasn’t happy. I was broken. And even after leaving my high paying position of 10 years and started InMark Media, something still wasn’t right.

My business was growing well, $1.3 million in gross revenue in our first 8 months, but I still felt horrible. I had everything, but inside I was empty. It wasn’t until August 2017, when I was trying to look at my then infant son that I could truly grasp how severe the problem was. My son was the ultimate reflection of myself, aside from looking in a mirror. And if I couldn’t even look in the mirror, how could I look at my own son?

After that crucial moment, I was lucky enough to attend a convention that gave me the boost to begin the journey of personal growth that would help me learn how to look at myself in the mirror once more.  

I am now at a place where I can not only happily look at my reflection, but I’m at a point where I want to share my experience and reach out to the husbands, fathers, and entrepreneurs that are where I was just a few years ago.