Journal Entry 5/4/18 – Entry #49


Legacy is built through memories. Legacy is the impact that we make on each other in the memories built in the moment. A lesson that I am taking from my grandmother is you don’t have to have a lot to give a lot. Knowing the humble beginnings that she came from I was overwhelmed with emotion by the way her soul was being honored with the beautiful words of so many.

My grandmother has left her footprint on this earth with 5 children, 13 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren, and the souls of many more that she was there for in some of their darkest hours. The stories yesterday during her wake were countless but all with the same foundation…My grandmother was an amazing woman who was compassionate and always found a way to take care of others. She was a hopeless romantic who loved to match people together. She loved to laugh and listen to dirty jokes that my Uncle Billy would tell her. She truly enjoyed her food and sweets especially. She was selfless. She saw the good in people and believed in them. She never complained and always found a solution.

Thinking of my own death hopefully many years from now I wonder what people will speak of me. I am proud of many of the memories I have built and the imprints I will leave behind and I am committed to creating many more. I am learning through my grandmother’s example that impact is about connection. She was always connected to so many through her love and desire to help others. I am grateful for this day to connect with my family and the insights that my grandmother has given me to create a life full of love and life as she has had.

Te quiero mamá.